A Few Thoughts From My Crazy Quilt Journal

Dean Deerfield © 2009

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I have made many crazy quilts in the past few years. Each quilt was different, and had a new theme each time; never-the-less, I find myself getting burned out. The blocks have all been square, close to the same size, and not a lot of variety. I work mostly with monochrome colors and that doesnít change much from one quilt to another. I wanted to discover a new way to make crazy quilts.

When I entered the Marie Osmond Quilt Challenge, I was short on time and needed something that would go together fast. I was required to use her fabric. I chose my favorite fabric, and cut four blocks exactly alike. When the blocks were all pieced together, I embellished them the same way and made the seam stitches the same. This helped speed things up because I just had to think of one block, and not four.

The quilt in the picture above is made the same way. I have added a prairie point border, but it was added after this picture was taken. Making these two quilts stirred my curiosity, and I decided to make an effort to come up with some new methods for making crazy quilts.

Iím working on a diamond crazy, using up my silk dupioni in this quilt, and it will have antique lace. A black and white crazy will be next, with a hint of hot pink. I have a collection of black antique lace, mostly silk, and it is beautiful. I want to make a crazy using that lace, but havenít decided what color I want to put with it. The lace is unused and very old and has become very brittle. It will have to be fused or covered with tulle for stability, but there are ways to save it. If you have ideas on how to protect the lace, please feel free to make suggestions.

I am thinking about different shapes and techniques to use. I sit and sketch ideas as they come to me. So far nothing miraculous has come to mind.

Hugs and Happiness to you allÖ

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