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We are currently seeking photos of your CQ projects, especially those offered here, to be included in our Readers' Showcase, which will be offered with each issue.

A random drawing will be held each issue. All entrants are eligible to win.

Please include your name, photo of your project, and a brief description.  Check out How to Submit A Photo to CQMagOnline for details. 


Symbols of the Season by Leslie Ehrlich
Leslie shares her research for holiday icons, along with beautifully worked examples.

The Art of Crazy Quilt Conservation by Lynn Schoeffler
Lynn travels up to attend the San Jose Quilt and Textile Museum's exceptional workshop.

Skylark's Song by Lynn Schoeffler
Give these little birds inspired by a lovely old linen a try.

Velvet Eye Cover by Barbara Blankenship
Barbara finds fun and utility in her latest creation.

CQ Covered Round Tin by Simona Tedeschi
Simona shares her instructions for this gorgeous tin.

Easy Ways to Enlarge Your Crazy Quilts by Cindy Thury Smith
What you need to know about sizing a quilt; Cindy has several great ideas.

Woven Rose with a Twist by Jo Newsham
Jo lets us in on her technique for perfect silk ribbon roses.

Dorset Pin Workshop by Diane Mugford
Diane brings us these darling pins--just in time for the holidays!

Creating Painted and Dyed Backgrounds for Crazy Quilting by Carolyn Phillips
A fun and interesting color study by Caroline gives us some valuable information for success when painting and dyeing fabric.

Just for the Girls by Diane Rose and Marvis Lutz
Create these cute hair bands for a special little girl--or even for yourself!

Silk Shibori Ribbon Color, Texture, Dimension This Ribbon is a Dream! by Julie Yonge
Julie visits with artist Glennis Dolce, who shares photos of her fabulous Shibori Ribbon.

1000 Hands Quilt by Robin Berry
A charming idea for a crazy quilt is born at the Faire!

Baskets for CQ 2012 by Maureen Greeson
Maureen's wonderful interpretation of vintage embroidery designs; she shares the patterns, too!

Hand-Sewing Project Box by Julie Yonge
A terrific gift idea for your favorite crafter from Julie.

Crazy Patch Purse by Lyn Brown
We all love a Prom Dress Swap! See what Lyn did with her fancy fabrics.

Making a Crazy Patchwork Bookmark by Christine Linton
Christine brings us a sweet little bookmark complete with tassel how-to.

A Few Thoughts From My Crazy Quilt Journal by Dean Deerfield
Dean explores new methods to bring a different style to her CQ.

Wrapping Your Hoop by Rissa Peace Root
Protect your precious crazy quilt work by using Rissa's super technique for this embroidery necessity.

A Unique Idea for Studio Storage and Utility by Julie Yonge
Julie and John craft this excellent, moveable storage facility.

2010 ArtBra Calendar by Victoria Adams Brown
The Way to Women's Wellness Foundation proudly presents its new calendar.

19th Century Needle Artists Upstage Modernism's Embrace of Abstraction and Collage Press Release
An exciting exhibit of over thirty crazy quilted items, many being shown for the first time.

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Block of the Issue:

BOI October 2009 by Maureen Greeson
This issue we have a crazy quilted stocking instead of just a block!

Products in Review:

Keeping it Simple: Texture Magic by Maureen Greeson
Texturing fabric made easy: Maureen brings us this new product.

Editor's Notes by Rissa Peace Root
A word or two from our editor about the latest issue.

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