Keeping it Simple - Hanging Valentines:
Crazy for You

Maureen Greeson 2010

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A favorite in my collection of Victorian Scrap are the valentines. I display some of them year round, and among them are a variety of hanging valentines. This project is a simple crazy quilt take on these lovely pieces of the past. To some, this frilly look is over the top, but that's how Valentine's Day speaks to me!

This is a faux crazy quilted project as I wanted to do away with some of the bulk that stitching seams would cause. My embellishment is done in crazy quilt style on a solid piece of fabric. First I printed an image onto a fabric sheet. Using Wonder Under I ironed this to a piece of fabric to act as a stabilizer for the embellishment. I used a silk in mauve so that a hint of the color would show through. With right sides together, sew a piece of organza (with heart drawn on) to the main image fabric along the drawn heart shape. Carefully cut a slit in the organza, turn to the back of the heart, clip curves, and press. I then did my embellishment through all layers to set off the print. If you decide to make one, try using lace, trims, and ribbons in various places as they will give it a divided look as well. Stitch (or glue) a narrow trim around the edges of the heart. I used both a pleated ribbon and a tatted lace. Repeat the above steps for the oval.

I covered the backs of the cardboard heart and oval using Wonder Under and also added a narrow strip of Wonder Under around the edge on the fronts of each cardboard shape. Next, I cut a heart and oval out of fabric larger than the cardboard counterparts and ironed it to the backs of the cardboard, snipped the curves, and folded and pressed the overage to the narrow strip on the front. This finished off the edge of the cardboard nicely.

Lay the heart and oval covered cardboard, spaced as desired and back side down, on a surface where they will not shift. I used the drawing with this article as a guide. Using the dotted lines shown on the patterns, glue one continuous piece of 1/4" ribbon up from the oval and over the heart, leaving a piece at the top for the hanger. Continue back down over the heart, ending on the oval. You can also use a more narrow ribbon or cording in various sizes. Allow the glue to dry. This step will put your ribbon for hanging between the cardboard and the embellished pieces. During this step, I also added a tassel.

Here I added five layers of thin batting to make the heart more dimensional, adding a dot of glue at the top of each to hold them together while finishing. Now use a thin layer of glue to adhere your embellished fronts for the heart and oval to the cardboard. If you use batting, apply glue only to the edge. If not, glue the entire area. So many of the vintage collectibles I have were assembled with a fair share of glue when it was necessary to achieve the desired result.

Below are a few photos of antique hanging valentines. As you can see, pretty much any shape goes. Don't hesitate to make them for other special times of the year or for no occasion at all.

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