A Peek Inside the Studio of Jan Campbell

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Never underestimate the power of a creative mind and a vision. Jan Campbell, an avid crazy quilter, instructor, and one of my dearest friends, recently renovated her home and created a beautiful studio.

For a number of years, Jan used a large walk in closet for her creative space. Realizing she had lots of vertical space but very little floor space, she decided to bump the outside wall out several feet and create an 8í by 8í room.

Adding a window for natural lighting was important. It also provides a lovely view of her back gardens. The Lake Jackson area is known for itís beautiful trees and nestled among these are other examples of Janís creativity.

Pictured here is a quaint little house constructed of old glass doors and windows. Furnished with beautiful wicker chairs, it showcases her collection of linens and cobalt blue glass bottles.

Inside this little house are Bee members Donna (seated), Lynnis, Carol and Linda.

Every area of her house shows her love of antiques, linens, buttons and all those things for which we crazy quilters look. Lovely crystal dishes and other collectibles filled with all sorts of old and new buttons can be found throughout her home.

Jan prepared a lovely luncheon and invited our local Bee to come and see her newly remodeled studio. Pictured here are Betty, Linda and Karen.

Jan and Judy, her sister, are pictured here holding the raspberry sorbet dessert complete with fresh raspberries and mint leaves.

She has graciously agreed to share some photos of her studio with our readers and I hope you enjoy browsing through them and seeing what can be accomplished with a little hard work coupled with creativity and a vision.

From left to right: Pat, Diana and Lynnis


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