Vintage Lace Purse

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One can never have too many purses! I’ve lost count on the number I’ve created, but the latest one is one of my favorites. I chose the pattern from the book “Quilted Bags and Purses” written by Mary Jo Hiney. Featured on page thirty-six, the purse is called “femininity & charm.” I wanted my finished purse a little larger so I increased the pattern size.

I found the pattern very easy to follow and the steps used in constructing it were clear and concise. I especially liked the manner in which the lining was stitched in place.

I chose a number of vintage laces, linens and motifs and auditioned them on the outside pattern pieces. I had some among my collection that were not my favorites. Those I added by fusing them to the outside fabric pieces using a product called Misty Fuse. I fussy cut pieces when it was necessary. I wanted the entire outside area covered with the lace.

Among my collection are a number of very old and beautifully stitched pieces. Those became the focal pieces I embellished with. I carefully stitched those into place in order to have the option of removing them should I ever want to.


Misty Fuse is a unique product that I have found very useful in numerous projects. It’s a very fine web-like piece. This double-sided fusible product bonds two fabrics together beautifully. I love using it because it doesn’t change the hand of the fabric and doesn’t adhere to your needle. A non-stick Teflon pressing sheet is necessary with using the Misty Fuse.

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