2010 MCC Valentine Crazy Quilt

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For the past several years, six talented ladies and I have been making a crazy quilt for the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Sale in Hutchinson, Kansas. The MCC Sale is something that I have gone to for many years. It is a wonderful quilt auction that raises money for the Mennonite Central Committee. The auction was started forty-two years ago and is still going strong! The proceeds from the auction are used to provide for material needs and community development. Very often, the MCC is one of the first to arrive at a natural disaster to assist the victims. To quote from their website, “We send food to satisfy hunger, clothing to warm the cold and compassionate people to help build self esteem and community.” It is not unusual for a quilt to sell at auction for $5,000 and there is usually applause when that happens!

The theme for our quilt this year was a Valentine Crazy Quilt. The concept for the quilt began in 2008 when Carole Samples sent me a beautiful drawing of a Valentine Crazy Quilt that she had always dreamed of doing. I, of course, fell in love with the quilt the moment I saw that sketch. She gave me permission to use the sketches to develop a Valentine Crazy Quilt for the MCC sale. The quilt consists of a large 20” x 30” center with fourteen 10" squares surrounding it. As I began piecing the quilt, it took on a life of its own. There are some similarities to her original design, but there are also some things that I added.

The quilt was auctioned in April 2010 and sold for $1750! In the past two years, other members of our group have purchased the quilts we have made, which always made us feel like it had gone to a good home, where it would be appreciated! This year was very different, because it was purchased by someone that did not belong to our group. We waited for her to pick up the quilt so we could meet her and it was a wonderful experience. She is learning to how to crazy quilt and only lives about an hour away! We felt certain that the quilt had found a wonderful home.

As we were working on the quilt, many of my students asked if I was going to teach the quilt as a class. I really did love the quilt and, after it was gone, I missed it! I decided that I would indeed teach it as a class and several students enrolled last spring. Starting this month, I have decided to offer the quilt as an online/block of the month class.  Students will order a block from me that I have pieced and labeled with instructions for the stitches and be able access to a private blog, where I can answer any questions they may have on the quilt.

For more information on the online class, you may go to my website at www.valeriebothell.com. You may also go to my blog to read about the MCC Pansy Crazy Quilt for 2011 at www.pinkbunnykansas.blogspot.com.

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