Catherine Jordan Classes Offer Interesting New Techniques for Crazy Quilters

Rissa Peace Root 2010

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I had the privilege of taking two classes with Catherine Jordan at "Stitching in the Barbary Coast", the EGA National Seminar in San Francisco.  Both classes were focused on incorporating painting and stitched embellishments into embroidery projects.  While I was looking at Catherine's samples and class pieces, I noticed a beautiful journal cover in a crazy quilted pattern.  I was so impressed that I asked her to give me a little information and a photo that I could pass along to our readers. 

All I could think was, what a great project to discover these techniques that can only enhance your own actual crazy quilting!  This is being offered as a two day class for intermediate level stitchers. 

"A Victorian Journal A trompe l'oeil or faux painted background is the backdrop for this crazy quilt inspired journal cover as embellishment is taken to the extreme! Beginning with a miniature landscape as a focal point, a wide variety of techniques add to the effect: surface, counted, and pulled techniques, including random eyelet filling, couched trellis, pulled four-sided stitch, personalized shaded script initials, metallic textile paints and threads, and silk ribbon add layers and interest to the small journal cover. Included journal is 3" x 4" and class time will include easy finishing instructions."

Catherine tells me that this class will be offered at the Rocky Mountain Region Seminar, August 4-6, 2011. You must be a member of EGA to take the class that is listed here, for more information please check out the Embroiderer's Guild of America web site.  If there is not a chapter near you, CyberStitchers is the largest and most active online chapter of the EGA, with nearly three hundred members from all around the world.


Rocky Mountain Region Seminar  (Art Gallery)

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