Dressing Up Your Herringbone Stitches

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The herringbone is a wonderful crazy quilt stitch that can be dressed up in many ways! If you are stuck in a rut and need a few ideas to spruce up your herringbone stitches, here we go.

In this photo, I did my herringbone stitch in a green color because I knew that I wanted it to be the base of a flower. I then stitched some cute little glass flowers on one side. I wanted to bring out the pink color of the flowers on the other side of the seam, so I did a small straight stitch in pink where the stitch intersects.

For a little bit of a challenge, you might try doing your herringbone on a curve. I found it had a dramatic effect on the whole block. I went back and added a little bit of color diagonally, as pictured above.

In this picture, I have tried doing a double herringbone. It added more interest by using different textures of thread. I went back and added a little pearl for fun.

A detached herringbone is also fun to do. In this picture, after doing the detached herringbone, I added some lazy daisy’s with silk ribbon.

For another challenge, you might try doing a beaded herringbone stitch. In this example, I added further interest by using two different colors of beads.

I hope these examples have inspired you to dress up your herringbone stitches. Maybe it will even inspire you to experiment and come up with some stitch ideas of your own. I would invite you to send in your pictures, so we can see how you have dressed up your herringbones!

You may check out my blog at www.pinkbunnykansas.blogspot.com  for other fun crazy quilt info or my website at www.valeriebothell.com  for wonderful crazy quilt supplies!


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