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We are currently seeking photos of your CQ projects, especially those offered here, to be included in our Readers' Showcase, which will be offered with each issue.

A random drawing will be held each issue. All entrants are eligible to win.

Please include your name, photo of your project, and a brief description.  Check out How to Submit A Photo to CQMagOnline for details. 


Houston International Quilt Festival November 2010 by Barbara Blankenship
Barbara shares her HIQF experience with readers.

Two New Quilters’ Toys (or Tools) for Crazy Quilting by Allison Aller
Allison discovers some great tools for the crazy quilter's arsenal. 

Butterfly Needlecase by Barbara Blankenship
Barbara has a great idea for a beautiful needlecase!

“Vintage” Baby-Shoe Pincushion by Julie Yonge
Julie creates great pincushions from baby shoes.

Basket of Fuchsias by Sara Zander
Sara offers this amazing silk ribbon design for our readers.

An Inspired CQ Jacket by Rissa Peace Root
Rissa interviews a fellow EGA member about her crazy quilted jacket. 

All About Fans by Barbara Warner
Barbara decided to share this fanciful wall hanging with our readers.

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Block of the Issue:

BOI January 2011 by Rissa Peace Root

Books in Review:

Suzanne McNeill's Creative Dyeing for Fabric Arts with Markers and Alcohol Inks reviewed by Julie Yonge

Editor's Notes by Rissa Peace Root
A word or two from our esteemed editor about our latest issue.

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A look back! We wanted to revisit some specialty articles from past issues and Barbara recommended this block of articles about flowers.  We added in articles from other issues to augment the list.

The ABCs of Flowers

Victorian Meaning of Flowers by Nora Creeach
Learn dozens of Victorian meanings for flowers once used in the art of arranging or deciphering that special nosegay.

Aster by Alanna Heaton

Bluebonnet by Nora Creeach

Calla Lily by Rissa Peace Root 

Camellia: Version 1 by Stephanie Novatski

Camellia: Version 2 by Stephanie Novatski

Camellia: Version 3 by Stephanie Novatski

Carnations and Baby's Breath by Kimber Pekora   

Daisy by Peggy S. Crawford

Dogwood by Rita Goff

Fern by Nora Creeach

Fuchsias by Sara Zander

Iris by Dean Deerfield

Jonquils by Dean Deerfield

Lavender by Pat Winter

Lilac by Nora Creeach

Magnolia by Rissa Peace Root

Nasturtiums by Jenny Clark

Cattleya Orchid by Nora Creeach

Pansies by Rissa Peace Root

Appliqué Pansies by Lilla Le Vine

Poppy by Linda Gibb

Queen Anne's Lace by Stephanie Novatski

Fargo Rose by Deborah Smith

Crocheted Irish Rose by Jean Bowman

Maria's Rose by Lynn Schoeffler

Sweetheart Rose by Jean Bowman

Woven Rose by Jo Newsham

Silk Velvet Roses by Diane Ricks

Sweetpeas by Jenny Clark

Sunflower by Stephanie Novatski

Tulip by Nora Creeach

Wheat by Stephanie Novatski

Wisteria by Mary Engells

Beaded Flower Motif by Rissa Peace Root

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