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January 2011

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  Twelve crazy blocks from a birthday challenge are the basis of this "Crazy Fantasy Book" A real crazy quilt book from Edith Blocher, Germany  
  Gerry Hookstra  

  I have a photo of the small quilt we made for a charity several years ago by a Brazilian Dimensional Group I host online. We'd made one previously and sold raffle tickets, because of some circumstances that revolved and delayed us doing the same for this one, we had a lady offer us the amount we'd received from the raffle of the other one, and the group agreed to sell it to her.

It is done in mostly pastels on white/off white patches.

We decided to make a donation to Multiple Sclerosis. I decided I wanted a white/off white background - so every one sent me 6 - 6" squares of 2 fabrics. I then sorted this out to return to the participants from the group. In this way everyone had the same fabric to use in their own arrangement of patches in their blocks. Since we are a Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery (BE) group all blocks had to have some BE on it, but they could add another type of embellishment, keeping with the pastel, medium colors theme. I assembled the blocks into a quilt, but didn't finish it because the lady that bought it wanted to add another row of blocks around it to enlarge it.

Our delay in getting it finished was I moved, and everything was in storage for sometime. I then moved into an apartment and hadn't gotten everything unpacked and had someone break into a storage building I had some of my boxes stored in. It became necessary to move closer to family and again items were in storage as the apartment I moved into (less than 30 days after moving in) caught fire (from outside the building), again everything was in storage. When I finally got moved into a home, and things unpacked I was so relived to find them, because I'd always wondered if they were in something that the thieves took when they broke in my storage.

I have another CQ quilt in mind to make for myself and I'm collecting trims, embellishments and fabrics for it.

It was beautiful and I really hated to see it leave.


Elsie Ottinger
  crazy quilted box is 2"x4"x3"h

the first little purse is big enough for a cell phone and set of keys and the second if big enough to cover a box of regular sized tarot cards


  017 is a pillow, "Homage to Judith Montano", took Best in Class, Marin Quilt and Needle Arts Show

018 is a detail of the pillow showing hand ruching, doily, silk flowers, etc.

061 is a detail from my wall crazy quilt, "A Travel Journal", Best in Class, Special Award for Embroidery, Theme Award Marin County Fair. detail shows center bouquet with silk ribbon embroidery, this was a quilt all in quilters' cottons.

117 detail, small purse. Crochet flower, lots of silk, hand dyed lace, broken bracelet piece, leaves from a flapper's dress etc.

045 is the floral basket from the Travel Journal

Sara Zander

  Crazy quilted pillow cover with large sunflower made of Hanah silk satin. Each petal is cut individually and burned on the edges using a soldering iron. The petals are attached at the center with matching thread. The center consists of decorative fibers and various matching beads. The leaves are made with Hanah silk satin and also burned on the edges. They are attached down the center with a fine gold feather stitch.

Lynnis Burt


  I haven't done much, but am attaching a picture of a little CQ'd heart I made for a swap organized by Debbie Hembree of MosaicMagpie.

Mary Anne

  Here's some RR blocks for your reader's showcase... Three are for a Art Nouveau RR and one is for a seams only...

Gerry Krueger
  This is a wall-hanging that I recently completed for Crazy Quilting International. It is one of 4 being auctioned off on Ebay, with the proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen (breast cancer) Foundation. The completed size is 25 x 20 inches. See Attachment.

Cathy Kizerian
  Hello, I made these ornaments from bits and pieces of silks, plushes and tapestry fabrics. They are all hand done and hung on our quilting tree this past year at Home for the Holidays, held at the Roberson Museum and Science Center, Binghamton, NY. Two of our local guilds sponsored a tree that was decorated with ornaments made by guild members. I made them while my mom was recuperating in the hospital. She enjoyed all the things I worked on, and I pinned them to her curtains for her to see. She is home now and doing well. Cheers, Louise  
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