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  These photos are of some of my CQ projects.

In 2002 I slowly approached the world of Crazy Quilting from my safe Sane quilting, joined a local CQ group led by LouAnne Sassone and have never looked back. I am an artist at heart and I love all the embellishing that Crazy quilting affords me.

The first group of photos is the first thing I attempted. Itís a table topper that I use on an antique trunk. It consists of panels that circle a rose velvet center.

The next photos are of my piano box that I designed to match my wooden sewing table in the shape of a grand piano. The legs are pieces from a Chess set found at a thrift store.

The next photo is of a hanger that is also my design

The last photos are of a heart shaped box that I made from cardboard pieces and covered it with batting and crazy quilting.

Beth Ebaugh
Delta Crazy Stitchers
Antioch, California


  Hello, I have done a few projects. I did not do have many, I have been confined to be after they found I have a brain tumor so my projects are smaller and take longer to complete.. This is what I have.

These 2 are for a swap I was in, we had to make mug rugs for our swap partners. I made matching crazy quilted tin so they can hold their tea and sweetener in then.

Also we have made some pin cushions I made two these are them:

This is the work I did for a assignment in a CQ class on a yahoo group.

Well that is it. I hope some of them will be useful. I enjoy your online magazine so much thank you for all your time and effort


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