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  The theme of "Dreaming Of Spring" title/words was in my head for all of last winter so I just needed to create a bit of art that would express this idea and feeling.

It took me about 3 months to finally finished My "Dreaming Of Spring" Journal Page. The page is 8 inches wide and 7 1/2 inches long. It is not your typical journal page size but I wanted my page sizes bigger so I had more room to do my stitching on.

The main focus of this Journal Page is the French Knot Cherry Tree with several shades of pink blossoms.

I used Angelina Fiber to create the Pond with rippling waters, colorful grasses and blooms.

When I think of Spring I think of Easter and Bunnies so I included a "Bunny Path" with lots of blooming flowers more colorful grasses, Bunnies, and hidden Easter Eggs.

I also wrote a poem to reflect how anxious I was for Spring to appear this year. I put it on the back of My Dreaming Of Spring Journal Page.

I used many different kinds of stitches to create this journal page. I used the Scroll, Bullion, French Knot, Raised Chain Band, Ghiordes Knot, Cast-On Buttonhole, Detached Buttonhole, Drizzle, Long and Short and Up and Down stitch. I have decided with each journal page I will try and learn a new stitch and in this page I used several new ones to me.

I also used many different kinds of threads. For the first time I used Kreinik Micro Ice Chenille thread which I absolutely loved. I used it throughout the whole page using the French Knot stitch and it gave my page so much sparkle to it. I also used Kreinik Very Fine Braid Metallic thread to do the primitive hand stitching. I also love this thread. Other threads I used are Water Colours by Caron, Threadworx overdyed, Silk and Ivory Stardust, Fuzzy Stuff by Rainbow Gallery, The Thread Gathering Silk N Colors

Hugs Judy


  There is a copy of a studio portrait of my maternal grandmother, Amelia Losee' Betts, who was an actress, and under her photo is her business card dated "season 1899 - 00" Beneath her photo is a copy of a theatrical poster of my maternal grandfather, Rev. Herbert Keble Betts (also an actor), in a play entitled "Airzona Cowboy". He loved Arizona, since he lived on an Indian reservation there while his father, Rev. George C. Betts was an Episcopal missionary.

Below this square is a copy of a photo of my husband, William F. Lettko and myself when we were in our "20's" At the top right is a photo of my parents, and beneath in one of the squares is a copy of a wedding photo my paternal grandparents, William Abraham Plank and wife Carrie E. Van Vlierden.

There is a copy of a photo of the Berlin Library, (the home where I was born) in Berlin, NY.

I made a doll of a Victorian lady wearing a boa; her shoes are actually artificial finger nails. The birds in the quilt were ones I cut in half and fastened fabric to the backs so it could be sewn on. All the roses and flowers were made by me. The leaves in the tree at the left (I had to embroider "bark" to hide the woven picture in the background fabric) are made from gossamer ribbon. The merit award cards sewn on the quilt are fabric copies of actual cards stored in a box I found in the attic of a Victorian home in purchased in Berlin, NY. I donated all of its contents, including
a collection of letters I found dated 1884, a baby's small, leather buttoned shoes, etc. to the Taconic Valley Historical Society in Berlin. It is called the "Moseley Collection". Also incorporated into the quilt is a 4-page song that I wrote the lyrics for in the '60's; the music was composed by Alfred Van Rensselaer Crane, Jr., (Rennie), a graduate of the Juliard School of Music, and a former pianist for Edyie Gorme'. I tried to carry over into the designs, the individual seasons written in the song. i.e. the glass beads sewn onto the blue depict the words, "a million stars lit up the darkness of the skies". showing summer. The forsythia boughs draped over one page of the song represents..."in my heart it was springtime." Another showing leaves falling....was autumn. The fourth page... the black hearts was when the romance was over. Most of the crocheted items were made by me, and all of the embroidery. Some of the "feathery" accents are actually a fringe that I cut strands from and sewed individually onto the quilt. The grapes fabric-covered buttons left over from a wedding dress I made for my daughter. I had to dye them blue.

The entire quilt was sewn by hand, by me, and took about 6 months.

I hope you and your viewers enjoy this quilt. It was my first effort.
Beverly Lettko

  My name is Ira Rosenshtein.

I send you a picture of my block for for Prairie Moon Quilts Crazy Quilt Block Contest

It wasn't my color choose, usually I don't love these colors, But it was a big challenge to work on these block

Have a nice day


  My first attempt of an evening purse. Itís around 8 inches wide and 10 inches tall.

This is a pincushion made into a size 5 satin shoe. I first painted the shoe with watercolor paints then glued laces and silk flowers that I made and added beads and trims.

This is a great way to use those blocks that we seem to accumulate. I opened one side of a ready made canvas tote bag and sewed my block onto the front.

I found this doll chair at a yard sale and reupholstered it with Crazy Quilting. Itís about 12 inches tall. I love finding old things to use my CQ patchwork on.

This Ocean Box was created from a bag of batik fabrics strips I found in a Thrift Store.

This is a purse I did for another Baggie Challenge. I used a picture that I printed onto silk fabric.

This is a wall hanging that I made for Hidkeo in a Baggie Challenge which she used the photo of for the book jacket of a book she had published.

Sandy Riggins

  I would like to submit these three photos for Readers Showcase of three little crazy quilts I have made for The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI)

Name: Asian Dreams
I made this little quilt for AAQI during the days immediately following the earthquake and ensuing tsunami in Sendai while waiting to hear about the safety of a friend there. I used a lot of found objects on this and it went together pretty quickly. I was very happy when it went to auction for AAQI and managed to raise $110.00 for Alzheimer's research.

Name: Forget-Me-Not
This was the first quilt I made for donation to AAQI and I poured my heart and soul into it. I was thrilled to have it accepted in the new five year AAQI exhibit, Alzheimer's Illustrated: From Heartbreak to Hope, and a photo of a portion of it was chosen for the header of the new AAQI blog!

Name: Who Hath a Friend...
This is my latest contribution to AAQI and was built around a wonderful little cross stitch I "rescued" from a thrift store. The cq border allowed for lots of fun with short little seam treatments.

Kerry Leslie


  These blocks are some from a crazy quilt in the making:

Jan Campbell, Lake Jackson, TX

  I am a new reader to CQMagOnline, and a new Crazy Quilter. This is my first finished project; I have a number of blocks that I have been learning on over the last two years, but this is the first actual project I have finished.

This was a 70th birthday present for a dear friend of mine I have known for 40 years. The colors are the colors (more or less) of her living room. Each patch on the pillow features some activity or adventure or memory we have shared over the forty years of our friendship. This pillow was truly a labor of love!

Carolynn Spies


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