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  this piece was a wedding present for a dear friend who got married this year the picture is of her daughter on the beach

this second piece is a mourning heart I made for Hidiko Ishida in Japan

and the third is the grey study challenge I completed for CQI.

I finished this last piece last year, when we went to Kona on big island in Hawaii. we visited the observatory at the summit of mona'loa saw hula dancers, walked along the beach and had coffee with gecko's every morning!



  Attached you will find an image of Crazy Chroma, a large crazy quilt featuring black on black crazy pieced "background" blocks and 120 fan segments curving through the quilt top. A little over half of the fan segments are tie remnants. The fan segments are stitched in the ditch with invisible thread and in the background pieced blocks every seam is machine feather stitched in black perle cotton. Cotton backing, wool batting. This crazy quilt won 3 blue ribbons at the Dakota County fair and the Minnesota State Fair.

Cindy Thury Smith

   I first saw a pic of a CQ Halloween Hat on Gerry Hoekstra's blog in 2010.  That fall I went to the CQI retreat in Colorado and Janet Popich from Colorado was also  working on one.  I thought that it would be a fun project and started to make one for my daughter's home this summer.  Janet kindly gifted me with a few black cottons that I could use.

I did purchase a pattern of a child's costume with the hat and I used the size large from that.  It turned out to be the perfect size for display.  Gerry was also at the retreat and had it with her so I got to see it firsthand.

I am enclosing a pic of the flat hat before assembly and then a couple of the finished hat.  When I gave it to my daughter I also gave her a small packet of little glittery pom poms that were in the right color.  She glued them on the hat on the inner side of the brim.  The picture of the hat along with other decorations is on her kitchen sideboard and she was very happy with it.  I think I will make another for myself next year.  It was a fun project letting you use colors, trim, etc. that you would not normally use.
Freda Butler

  I would like to submit photos of my Bohemian Gathering  bags which have CQ flaps.

Pat Winter....has Boho fever!

  This is the block I used for Sharon Boggon's class at the Crazy Quilt Adventure in Connecticut this spring and her workshop afterword. I tried to do more encrusting, which is Sharon's but not my style. I managed it in a swoosh across the block. Lot's of fun. The block is about 11 x 15 inches.

Bobbi Pohl

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