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  I’m fairly new to the crazy quilting community. I was turned on to your website by Allie Aller one of my most adored crazy quilt artists. I took hours of enjoyment from reading all the archived back issues on file. I found the article on the crazy quilt fan ornament in your January 2007 issue and decided it was a good place to start. Here are some examples that I have finished so far as well as some of my other crazy quilt samples to date. I thank all of you who are an inspiration to me in my crazy quilting adventure.

Joyce Esquivel

  First one:

This was a commissioned piece for a bride wearing a Victorian Dolly Mop (slightly naughty) gown a few months ago. The silk fabrics are all from the gown. The bride carried this reticule instead of flowers. White lace appliqués were from her mother's wedding gown sleeves. Pattern is Vogue.  Nearly 1,000 fresh water pearls, hundreds of gold seed beads, photo transfer of bride and groom, Ribbonsmyth silk ribbon, each panel included an item specific to the couple, like her knitting hobby, their nick names and wedding date.

Use whatever part/all of any of the three projects that you deem appropriate if you choose to include any at all. I trust you implicitly! Bride has granted permission to share photos, even the one of her and her new husband. Carolyn Wisch and Charles Westphal.

Love, Sara Zander

Teensie Purse: 3 x 3", created for the Embroiderers' Guild of America's Greater Pacific Region 2012, Mini-project Book . All hand-dyed silk fabric scraps and silk threads and ribbon. Lined and closed with a snap.

Details, finished pillow, all silks and silk threads and ribbon, photo transfer from Ribbonsmyth.


  Here are some pictures of a crazy quilt I just finished. The theme of the quilt is "Gifts from Above."


  I transform the opulent embroidery stitches on crazy quilts with beads. I have been exploring and transforming embroidery stitches into beading stitches for fifteen years. I call this type of beading: Crazy Beading. My most recent book, Bead Creative Like Crazy: Beading Inspired by Crazy Quilts has directions, illustrations, and patterns necessary for Crazy Beading. I teach beading workshops national, and occasionally in other countries. My workshop schedule and additional information about my books are on my website.

This beaded crazy quilt is titled: My Life is My Muse: Minnesota. It is mostly constructed with silk and a lot of beading, it took about 700 hours to complete. It measures 47" by 47". Each block is about a different facet of Minnesota life. The images are Spring in Minnesota with includes our beaded state bird the Loon, and a deer fawn. Summer includes our beaded state flower the Lady Slipper, dragonfly, and raspberries. The Fall block includes our beaded state insect the Monarch butterfly, Barred Owl, grapes, and the Harvest Moon. You can see the other five blocks on my website: They include, State Fair, Winter, Public Art, Minnesota Cuisine, Scenic MN, our Official State mushroom, beverage, muffin, apple, and fish.

Nancy Eha

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