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Sharon Boggon 2012

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I have been participating in the Crazy Quilt Journal Project Challenge [] and I thought I would share with you my block for April.

It is Autumn in Australia and as I tidied up things in the yard I wanted to catch the faded end of summer feel hence the colour scheme.

The block is an 8" block with nine fabric pieces which I have numbered in order of piecing.

The lace and braids were added as I pieced the block.

In the large spray of flowers is a vintage beaded and chenille motif. In the spray I worked woven silk ribbon roses, silk flowers and Fargo roses and added novelty beads. They are actually plastic brown beads but sit well on this block. The three square-ish flowers are lace motifs that I trimmed from a sheet of lace. I hand dyed them using procion dyes.

Stitches included on the block are Straight Stitch, Feather Stitch, Feathered Up and Down Buttonhole, Detached Chain Stitch, Threaded Arrow Stitch, Silk Ribbon Leaf Stitch, Woven Rose, Fargo Rose, Beaded Chevron Stitch and Chained Cretan Triangle.

I added a charm which illustrates two musical instruments, a mandolin and violin . Jerry (my husband) plays violin and Eve (my daughter) plays mandolin. In April we had the National Folk Festival. Since both are performers the charm seemed to fit!

I hope you enjoyed the block this month.

Sharon B
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