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Rissa Peace 2012

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This magazine has been a big part of my life for more than a decade.  Long before I took over as Editor and Publisher, I was writing articles and posting everything for the magazine.  Four times a year, my life has been completely overtaken by the need to produce another issue.  After our founder Nora passed away, everything got more difficult and more expensive, but I persisted through my personal trials and tribulations.  Last issue, I mentioned my mother's most recent fall in the Editor's Notes. Just before my birthday in June, she was admitted to Hospice Care and I finally realized it was time to make some very difficult decisions.

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that this will be the next to the last issue for the magazine.  I will continue to support it as long as possible, in order to maintain an archive, but there will be no new content after October 2012. I want to thank our loyal volunteer staff, sponsors and readers for all of their support over the years.

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