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Soutache Then and Now by Lisette Root
Lisette explores uses for decorative braid.

Dying Silks Under the Black Walnut Tree by Lisette Root
Lisette shares her adventurous dye day.

Wool Felt Pincushion by Carolyn Phillips
Carolyn creates a pincushion that is just right.

The Big Picture by Lynn Schoeffler
Lynn creates lovely scenic fabric!

CQ Engineering: Construction Techniques for Finishing Your Crazy Quilt by Allison Aller
Allie thinks a reprint is in order on this important article.

Block of the Issue:

BOI July 2012by Sharon Boggon
Sharon maps out a CQ Block for our readers.

Editor's Notes by Rissa Peace Root
A word or two from the editor about our latest issue.

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