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July 2012

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  I have always loved crafts of any kind and in 1979 I started my first crazy quilt – I had collected lots of pictures but the only instructions I found were in Judith Montano’s first book. Some of my blocks were of contemporary events – like the moon landing. The entire quilt was trial and error (lots of errors) and many of the blocks have faded. Orange is not a color I ever use – but many blocks have faded to orange now. I didn’t do any more real crazy quilting as I was employed full-time in the business world at this time and I became interested in making porcelain dolls.

After my retirement from the business world, I devoted most of my time to porcelain dolls. Among my doll making awards were the Doll Crafters’ Millie and the International Doll Makers’ Golden Bell. I taught doll making and costuming for several years on an independent basis, drafted some patterns for Bell Ceramics and Jean Nordquist, wrote a book, Making Santas with Katie Redd, and wrote articles for Doll Crafter and Doll Maker’s Workshop. Had a wonderful time.

My daughter had always liked the old crazy quilt made in 1979-1980 so I decided to make a wall hanging for her. Of course, I now have a large supply of wonderful books by incredible talented quilt makers, and I discovered great websites for making crazy quilts. I also have a great supply of silk fabric purchased during my doll making years. I am absolutely not a quilt maker, and at 82, my embroidery skills are deteriorating, but my daughter loved her wall hanging, and it did get a blue ribbon at the Ellis County, Texas Quilt Show. You and others might enjoy an old lady’s blocks. Although I really do not care for the stripping, my daughter requested it.

One block is dedicated to my parents, Al and Kate and their farm, one to my daughter as a little girl, with a porcelain doll, teddy bear, dancing and water skiing. One is dedicated to her home, her children, Cam , Mis and Bud and the dogs and one to her religion. The four fans hold it all together. I am sending three pictures of my daughter's quilt. I will send the fans in another email.

Now I have three grandchildren who want wall hangings!!

Katie Redd


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