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Cass Salina 2012

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It all started back in 2004! Rissa, our editor, hosted a completed block swap.  She called it the "Autograph Quilt Block Exchange". The blocks stitched for swapping would be a representation of the stitcher.  Things to have on the block would be favorite colors, favorite stitches, where you live, hobbies, etc. It would be a great way for friends to share their work.

So it is now 2012, and I wanted to jazz up up the guest room.  I painted an old iron bed white to go with the white/purple theme of the room.  When I put the bed in the room, it just sort of faded into the room.  I wanted it to stand out. Something with glitter and shine! Something crazy quilted!

The CQ Fairy whispered in my ear, "Autograph Blocks!" I went to my craft room and took out the blocks.  They were the perfect size, 6" x 6"; they were the perfect balance of glitter and shine; and the perfect accessory to show off my bed and my old friends.

I chose our purple blocks including a leftover of mine.  Then I picked three other blocks of different colors to accent the purple ones. Using 2" strips of purple Poly-satin for sashing, I stitched the blocks together horizontally. I also used the Poly-satin for the backing of the banner. 

So it would be easy on and easy off, I attached purple satin ribbon about 18" long, spaced evenly along the banner.  I glued a Velcro disc to the end of the ribbon and on the corresponding spot on the banner.  That way all I have to do is loop it over the headboard rail and press the Velcro closed. 

It looks perfect in the room.  I am so happy to display crazy quilting in such a unique way. Oh, and most of all, remembering all of the CQ friends I have made along the way.

Love to all,
Cass Salina

P.S.: Autograph Blocks not used in the banner are going into a future wall hanging that will go above the headboard. 

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