CQ Heart Etui

Sara Zander 2012

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Needlearts Magazine, the official publication of the Embroiderers' Guild of America, featured the pattern and instructions for my CQ Heart Etui in 2010. An etui is a holder or case for stitching tools. The pattern accompanied a feature article I had written on the history and current, vibrant popularity of CQ.

In the years since, stitchers across America have chosen the Etui as a chapter or individual project, and some of them have sent photos of their completed Etuis. I have been amazed at the wide and exciting range of ideas, stitches and embellishments that individualized my original pattern. There is no better gift to a teacher than to see her students take off on wings of personal taste, invention and joy as they truly stitched from their own hearts.

Original sample, alternate sample and reverse of second sample etui.

Below: Student interpretations of the Heart Etui.

Editor's Note:  Sara has permission from her students to share their work.  Also, she has graciously shared a pattern for the Heart Etui, click here for the PDF version.


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