The Changing of the Seasons

Lisette Root 2012

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Well, it's Autumn here in beautiful Oregon State, and the rainy season has begun. Now it is time to harvest the fruits of my labor, not only in the garden, but in the studio as well. Gardening and crazy quilting have so many things in common, from the seed to plant, and the seed of an idea, to the anticipation of the beauty and colors to come. Like a garden, your imagination can see the blossoms, and the same is true with crazy quilting and embroidery too! During the long winter, it is fun to look through gardening catalogs, and dream about your own garden to come. With crazy quilting, we read beautiful books and magazines, and we are eager to try a new technique or lovely embellishment on our own projects. It can be overwhelming with so many beautiful things to choose from!

I had a very busy summer, and I focused on dyeing silk ribbons and organizing my studio, preparing for the winter to come. Winter is overall a very happy time for me because I have the time to focus on my art. All of those lovely supplies are waiting to be used in making something beautiful! There are beads and crystals, silks and flosses, and all those little trinkets I've collected waiting to be used. It is such a cheerful feeling! An experienced gardener or an experienced crazy quilter knows that the preliminary work is time consuming, and they learn that patience is required to bring those visions to life. There are many different ways to work. The BIG project can be truly overwhelming, and it can also be very discouraging too if you try to do it all in one day! So, I myself have two goals when I start any project. One is the short term goal, and the other the long term goal. I find working more pleasurable when I focus on the short term goal, such as creating a small gift for a friend for a special occasion. These little projects are like warm ups for the grand projects. With each piece finished, the long term goal is also being advanced. Knowledge and techniques are the base of your artistic pyramid!

I myself have many different projects going at the same time. I allow myself "play days" now and then, and I like to bring out my works in progress, to remind myself of what my goals are! My long term goals are quite simple, create as much beauty as I can. My short term goals are simple, too: to learn something new every day, and to integrate my different art forms into my work. My library is my constant and true friend that I rely on quite heavily. I feel that excellent books are not just nice, they are essential! I recommend checking out library books and make sure you are interested in a subject before you purchase a book, that way you have money left to spend on your crazy quilting supplies. The most important thing to do, however, is to work on your pieces, every day, even if it is only for twenty minutes; those moments are also part of the foundation of your pyramid of knowledge! And look at other people's work, you are guaranteed to be inspired!

I am sad Rissa has to give up her online magazine, but we all have to accept that change is part of life. It is actually a BIG part of life, and so I embrace that, and I go forward. I hope to continue learning for the rest of my life, and creating and sharing beauty as well. Blessings to all of you; and I look forward to seeing you all in different groups, wherever they may be! I hope you enjoy the photos; some of my dyed ribbons, my studio, and of the ribbon rose I made yesterday.

P.S. I am on facebook as Lisette Root and I invite you to friend me there:)

Lisette Root

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