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What do I mean by that title? That it's time you try a different shape for your next crazy quilt. Or at the vary least, time to try a new setting. Let's take a quick look at some really easy ways to add visual punch to your next crazy quilt.

Below is a quilt using crazy pieced squares set into a frame. This pattern is called BQ, and you can order it from Maple Island Quilts (  A large square is framed by straight strips. The construction is easy, the instructions are clear and you can easily enlarge your crazy quilt using this framing method. As you can see in the image below, it makes an eye-catching quilt.

At the Maple Island website there is another pattern called BQ2 which I think could easily be adapted to use crazy pieced squares. Her Stackables 1 pattern also has possibilities.

If you tilt a square slightly you will get the shape shown below, which would be easy to piece. Inserting the same fabric between your tilted squares not only highlights each block but also expands the size of your quilt.

I wish I could give the provenance for the quilt image above and below, but they are images I collected years ago. I'm sure they are both antique crazy quilts, probably from a museum, but I don't have specifics. The quilt below shows how an equilateral triangle crazy quilt could look. If you made the equilateral triangles large (say 15-16”), a full sized quilt would go together quickly.

How about crazy piecing a large diamond? Below is an image of a large wall hanging I made by crazy piecing eight diamond segments.

As you can see, I had this long arm quilted in contrasting thread. If you made four of these units you would have a good sized bed quilt.

Another good source for different settings and arrangements is to look at geometric fabrics. If you look closely just at the geometric pattern, quite often it can be adapted to certain areas being crazy pieced and other areas as “background.”

So let's wander a little outside the (square) box and see what we can come up with.

Live long and sew many quilts.


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