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CQ Headboard Banner by Cass Salina
Cass uses some of the blocks from the Autograph Quilt Block Exchange to create this charming banner for a guest bedroom.

CQ Heart Etui by Sara Zander
Sara shares her design and photos of her students' work.

Same Old, Same Old Square CQ by Cindy Thury Smith
Cindy examines different shapes for CQ blocks.

Skinny Tie Ends by Cindy Thury Smith
Cindy has a clever idea for the skinny ends of ties!

Charming Chatelaine by Robbie Fields
Carolyn Phillips introduces this gift idea from Robbie.

Desiderata: A Do Over! Or Always Have Plan B in Mind by Lynn Schoeffler
Lynn repeats her experiments in fabric collage.

One Perfect Rose by Lynn Schoeffler
Lynn  creates CQ boxes from found treasure.

A Silk Ribbon Embroidery Spray by Sharon Boggon
Sharon shares a map for a SRE floral spray.

The Changing of the Seasons by Lisette Root
Lisette says goodbye to our readers.

Editor's Notes by Rissa Peace Root
A word or two from our editor about our latest issue.

This issue proudly sponsored by:

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