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How to Submit an Article or Photo to CQMagOnline.com

To Submit Photos to the Readers' Showcase

Photos for the Readers' Showcase will be accepted on the basis of space considerations for each new issue.  Photos may be forwarded via email in a jpg, gif, or bmp format. Please include your name and a brief statement regarding the project. You may submit up to 10 photos per issue, but additional photos will not increase your chances of winning a prize.  Send to Editor@CQMagOnline.com with "CQMagOnline Readers' Showcase" in the Subject line.

If you need more than a few sentences to describe your photo, please consider writing an article about your project and submitting it that way instead.  We are always looking for articles about CQ projects.

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To Submit an Article for Publication

To be considered for publication in this magazine, articles must be related to the subject of Crazy Quilting.

If you are interested in writing an article, forward a brief synopsis of your idea for consideration. Send to Editor@CQMagOnline.com, with "CQMagOnline Article" in the Subject line.

Once you have agreed to write an article, there are a few things to consider.  Please include a resource list for materials used in the article, including a web site, phone number or other contact information for the techniques demonstrated and/or materials used. You are encouraged to join the CQMagOnline Yahoo Group to participate in focused discussions about the magazine. You are also encouraged to provide a little biographical information and a small thumbnail photo with your article.  This will appear at the bottom of your article, unless you become a regular staff member.

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Publishing Agreement (Please Read)

The agreement for material posted on this web site between author and magazine is as follows and it is surmised that by submitting an article or photo for publication you agree to these conditions:

We, CQMagOnline.com, and you, the author, (hereafter known as we and you) agree that you grant us the nonexclusive right to publish and archive your article or photo for the purposes of making it available to the public without charge via CQMagOnline.com, an educational web site located on the Internet.  The editor reserves the right to make grammatical and formatting changes that do not alter the content of any submitted photo or article.  For example, photos will  be optimized for size and space requirements and articles will have style sheets and navigation added.  We can only accept submissions from individuals with viable email addresses.  Articles and past issues will be archived on the site at the Editor's discretion. 

By the act of submission, you are granting us the nonexclusive right to electronic distribution via the CQMagOnline.com web site located on the Internet.  Photos, including a brief identifying statement and artist name, will be displayed on the Readers' Showcase page.  Articles will include biographical information, when submitted by the author. 

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Publishing Rights Retention

Photos in the Readers' Showcase will be displayed with each issue, then archived at the Editor's discretion.  They may be deleted from the web site without notice due to space limitations or technical malfunction.  Articles will remain posted in the current issue for approximately three months, and will then be archived for a period of time to be determined by the Editor.  If after one year an author wishes to have their article removed from the archive, a request must be emailed to the Editor.

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Copyright Guarantee

You guarantee us that this work is original and you are free to grant us these rights. If this article or picture has not been registered with the Copyright Office and you want it to be, it will be up to you to do so. The copyright symbol will be included in all articles, even if the work has not been registered to remind readers that further distribution is at your discretion.

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Non-exclusive Rights and Rights Reversion Period

These rights are non-exclusive and once it has been removed from our archive, all rights revert back to the author. All other rights not specifically referred to in this contract remain with you. This contract is expected to apply to all articles submitted to this site, unless an alternate arrangement has been entered into between the author and the magazine in writing/email.

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External Links to CQMagOnline.com

Any article or page, other than the home page of this magazine, whether archived or currently shown, may not be linked to through an external internet site without the magazine's express permission. If links to any page other than the home page are found the site owner will be asked to modify the link to our home page, or to immediately remove the link.

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Readers Rights

It is expected by the magazine and by the authors, that the material on this site will be reproduced for personal use only. That means for the subscribers or web visitors own use, or to share with a friend or two. That does NOT mean distribution to discussion or other mailing lists, be they public or private, nor any use in hardcopy publications, websites, archives, e-zines, or other electronic venues that permit public access, unless they belong specifically to the author. These uses are expressly forbidden without explicit written permission from the author and are not the magazine's to give.

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Format for Submitting for Your Article

As this is a web based magazine, articles will be converted to either html or shtml format.  An HTML template can be provided for you.  However, if you are unable or uncomfortable with this format, you may submit your article in email or as a text file.  Since the CQMagOnline.com staff will need to make formatting and editorial changes, you want to keep it in simple HTML or plain text.  If you have any questions, please contact the Assistant Editor at the address below for help.

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