Putting Your Heart Into Your Valentine

Pat Winter © 2004

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A Valentine Gift Click to Enlarge

Since the first letter written from Saint Valentine, to his love, on February 14th 269 AD., we have been exchanging cards, notes, gifts, and chocolates with that special someone, our “Valentine”.

Cupid, the childlike deity which we associate with this Holiday was the son of Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love. On this page you shall find many examples and ideas of how to give your heart on Valentine’s Day. What better way than to have made it from your hands?

Women purchase 85 percent of Valentines This year why not gather your fabrics and supplies and stitch a card, pillow, box top, etc. Below are examples and some patterns to make this a very special Valentines Day from your heart to theirs. Who knows, they may surprise you with a box of fine chocolates!

One of my favorite methods in making a Valentine is to use a vintage image. Dover Publications offers several books featuring Vignettes. They are copyright free so you can enjoy using them in your projects. I transfer them to fabric by way of the heat transfer tool (article in this issue). My sample shows a heart with cupid and an arch of silk ribbon spider web roses, Fargo roses, pearls, and glass heart beads. Other methods include shadow work, embroidery, crazy quilting, appliqué, and many others. You may want to make a simple card, quilt square, pillow, cover a box top, or embroider a hankie. Whatever you make, it will be a true gift of love. Happy Valentines Day!

Sample images used with permission of Dover Publications:

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Examples of Valentine Hearts stitched by Pat Winter, Jean Bowman, Shay Toner, Stephanie Novatski and 3 by Rissa Peace Root.

by Pat Winter Click to Enlarge by Jean Bowman click to enlarge By Shay Toner Click to Enlarge by Stephanie Novatski - Click to Enlarge
 by Rissa Peace Root by Rissa Peace Root by Rissa Peace Root - Click to Enlarge

Rissa has also given us directions for her Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Heart. and Stephanie has directions for her Valentine Heart.

Source : www.doverpublications.com
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