OzeCraft Dyes and How to Use Them

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Victorian LadyEveryone has been talking about those Oz-e-craft dyes for some time, but have you seen some of the wonderful things you can do with them?

I was given an entire set of the dyes from the “owner and creator” of the dyes, Catherine, to see if I liked them enough to start selling them for her in the United States. I thought “Okay, I've never really been interested in dyeing “stuff” but let’s give it a whirl!” I received the dyes and a few snippets of lace and motifs she had dyed to show me what they would do! WOW! I had the best time dyeing things all over the house and only have ONE PIECE of white left in my home that I haven’t dyed yet – some old lace curtains! I shall grab those next!

It’s simple to use the OzeCraft dyes, surprisingly simple. They are already mixed so you do not have to combine colors to make a new one but you are welcome to do that as well if you’d like! The way I like to dye is using an eye dropper (from a discount store is fine) and dipping the eye dropper into my dye bottle (straight) and dripping the dye onto the item I’m dyeing. Quick and easy and fun! Just rinse your eye dropper and you’re ready for a new color! You can also water them down or heat them up to make them stronger too! Watering down the Persian Gold is good to “antique” things. Just dip your completely dry item into ½ Persian Gold and ½ water, dry it in the microwave (or your choice of heat source) and you’ll have a piece that looks very antique! Some use Golden Ash to do the same thing and prefer it better than Persian Gold. The main thing is to try things out and have a good time with them.

If you would like to dye an item several colors, you can do it one of two ways. First, you can “brush it on with a paintbrush” or “eyedropper method” wet on wet, meaning, you continue to add colors to your piece while the other colors are still wet. Those colors will blend into each other and look “soft” and muted. The Second method is “wet on dry” which is drying the colors as you finish each one. Using a microwave is great and it is completely safe to use your kitchen microwave as there are no toxic fumes from this dye. You can also try an iron, depending on what you are dyeing. The main thing is to then “set” the dye by heating it somehow, via a microwave, dryer, hair dryer or iron. Just be careful as the microwave sets if in seconds, not minutes.

Here are some examples of things that have been dyed with OzeCraft dyes:

Lace Lace Motif Fabric dyed with OzCraft Dyes
Fabric dyed with OzCraft Dyes Fabric dyed with OzCraft Dyes



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