How Color Affects Us

Nora Creeach 2004

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Culture and tradition decide what meanings are attributed to the different colors. We know color has meaning and sends a message. Science has proven that color affects both our minds and bodies. To demonstrate:  red is recognized as a hot, passionate color that has been known to raise blood pressure, increase the heart rate, dilate the pupil of the eye and increase our appetite.

For this reason restaurants and other places that sell food will incorporate red into their decor and advertising. Blue on the other hand tends to lower blood pressure and slow the heart rate. It is known as a calming restful color. Blue and to some extent green are used in hospital waiting rooms and those places where it is advantages to have a more calming effect.

Meanings for some colors:

The color red   Red:

Passion, Aggression, Excitement, Attention, Power, Anger and War

The color pink   Pink:

Softness, Warmth (with some of the characteristics of Red), Romance, Sweet and Feminine

the color orange   Orange:

Exotic and Wild (also some of the Red Characteristics)

the color yellow   Yellow:

Sunny, Happy, Active and Encourages Creativity

The color green   Green:

Nature, Trees, Grass, Restful, Quality, Solidity, Greed, Illness and Jealousy

the color blue   Blue:

Water, Sky, Serenity, Relaxed Calm, Loyal and Depressing

The color purple   Purple:

Royalty, Expensive, Grandeur, Power and Anger

The color black   Black:

Serene, Elegant, Quality, Power, Stealth, Strength, Sinister, Darkness, Bad and Death

The color white   White:

Cold, Plain, Elegant, Purity and Diets

Color plays a significant roll in our lives. How we dress and decorate our homes takes these meanings into account, even without our knowing the specific meaning of the colors we choose. We choose colors by how they make us feel. Can you see how your choice of colors can affect the mood portrayed in your final block? Does it tell you anything about your "favorite" color and why you chose it as your favorite?

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