Playing With Color

Pat Winter 2004

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Finished purse front Everyone has his or her own preferences for color use. This is mine. I tend to match fabric colors to get an overall blended feel. When making a quilt I know you need to add an unexpected color or pattern to "pop". In making my purses, pouches and small projects my embellishments play that role. My fabrics are usually tones of the same colors. I usually use three color families and three to seven fabrics, light, medium, dark, prints, & solids.

Gather supplies I start by selecting the fabrics and laying them out before I decide on my selection. If they look well together, they will work in a project.

I then gather my silk ribbons, threads, laces, and beads that will add more color. I work a lot with purple, so I know yellow and greens will most likely be included. I also like a focal point, which is a silk print.

Just keep in mind you want colors to play off each other. So add that lilac to the deep violet and a touch of yellow. I use muted colors together for a vintage feel, and always use a green. Just like in nature, I believe, green works well with anything .

Embellishing the block So my advice is to gather all your supplies that you want to use, then add or delete from there. If it is pleasing to you, that is your goal. The first ideas are usually the keepers.

Finished purse back
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