Tussie Mussie to Sachets

Nancy Combs 2004

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Embroidery & Cross Stitch Magazine, Volume 9 Number 5 has instructions for making a Tussie Mussie. I have adapted the directions to make my version of one. I then further adapted the instructions to make Sachets.

Using the pattern provided, cut two of a fancy fabric. (I used Silk Dupioni). Baste one piece of your fancy fabric to a muslin square, cut four inches bigger than the Dupioni. I added the flower beads at the points shown first.

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I then embellished, using silk ribbon to make three spider web roses. I added four Feather Stitch stitch stems. One from the right and left roses and two from the center rose. I then added many Colonial Knots and seed beads around the roses and onto the Feather Stitch.

Using Green Silk Ribbon, cut a piece of 7mm, 1 1/8th yards long. Divide this into eight equal lengths. From each piece make triple loops, graduating the size of the loops. Attach the loops, one on the side of the Spider Web Roses on the left and right and one on each side of the center rose.

Baste the other piece of fancy fabric to a muslin backing as before. Sew both pieces of fancy fabric together using a 1/4 in seam allowance. Trim and turn right side out. You will have a cone shape.

Cut two of the Warm and Natural batting. Sew with 1/4 seam allowance. Trim seams. Turn and stuff with Potpourri or Fiberfill. Sew opening together with a blanket stitch. Using a large needle and a strong thread, take a couple of stitches into the point of the lining and insert the needle into the point of the outer Dupioni cone, pull the liner down snugly into the outer cone.

Sew the top of the outer opening closed, using a small blanket stitch. I then made nine folded Silk Ribbon Roses and attached them to the top along the seam. I added some more beads around the folded roses.

I dyed a piece of lace to go across the back of roses and added it so it would stand up behind them. It served to hide any boo-boos.

I cut an 18 in piece of the green ribbon, made a loop at the ends and sewed it to the top edges of the Tussie Mussie. To help the lace stand up, I stitched it to the ribbon and added a bead to hide where the stitching is. I also put a flower bead over where I stitched the loops onto the body of the piece. This made a hanger so the piece can be hung on a door knob, etc. For the Blue Tussie Mussie I added three 8 in pieces of ribbon. I knotted them in the middle and sewed them to the point of the cone.

This was a lot of work! As I had three more of these to make I decided to simplify and make Sachets.

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I made three more the size of the Tussie Mussie and reduced the pattern by half to make two more. For all of these I used fiberfill for stuffing and put a drop or two of Jasmine Oil on a cotton ball and buried it into the fiberfill so that the oil would not seep to the outside. I added beaded drops to the point of each of these

I used the same basic methods for all of the pieces.


Embroidery & Cross Stitch Magazine
Ribbons from Pink Peppercorns, Hand-Dyed Fibers
Silk Button Hole Twist from Cam's Creations
Mill Hill Beads
Dupioni from Luna C Designs
Oze Craft Dyes
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