Beaded Buttons

Stephanie Novatski 2004

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Following the instructions in given in "Beaded Embellishment" I made these two buttons.

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The button on the left was beaded over a piece of fabric with a paisley print. I used #11 earth toned seed beads with gold lined 1/4" bugle bead accents. These buttons are a great way to use small amounts of beads you may have in your stash, as I did.

The blue button is an original design done in #11 seed beads, silver 1/4" bugle beads, and various miscellaneous Czech glass beads for accents on a piece of blue lame fabric. Once I drew the button outline on the paper and attached it to the fabric, I drew the design on the paper backing and started stitching on the beads.

I plan on using the Paisley button as a scarf slide and the blue as a pin.

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