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Beaded Embellishment

Beaded Embellishment

A Beadwork How To Book

Amy C. Clark & Robin Atkins

ISBN 1-931499-12-8 

Following the introduction there is a short history of beading on cloth. It follows the beaded embellishment of cloth through the ages and includes many beautiful color pictures demonstrating the different times and cultures.

"Getting Started", the chapter on supplies lists what is needed as well as provides some discussion of the supplies. This allows the reader some choice in what best fits their own needs. You would assume in a book on beading that beading needles would be recommended but our authors say they prefer a sharp and that any needle that fits through the hole in the bead can be used.

Getting to the actual stitching, four basic stitches are explained and variations of those stitches are also covered. Each stitch is described and shown in detailed drawings. There are also colored pictures showing the stitches in use for each technique.

There are ten projects from the simple bead fringe on a jeans jacket pocket to the Sashiko vest. Each includes a list of supplies and notions needed, a drawing of the technique used and a color picture of the finished item. Where needed they have also included patterns, colored graphs and finishing techniques

The Authors have included a very good section on designing for bead embroidery and a gallery of beautiful bead embroidery to spark your own creativity and imagination.

The book is well written and easy to understand. The care taken with the instructions and diagrams makes this a valuable book for both the beginning and the more experienced beader. The pictures alone would make this book a great addition to your library.


Available in bead shops and booksellers everywhere.

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