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Nora Creeach 2004

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Color for Embroidery Color for Embroidery
a book that relates the theories of color
to the art of embroidery

Mary D. Shipp   

Self-published, no ISBN available.

Mary Shipp takes us by the hand and shows us how color makes our stitchery live. Her diagrams and illustrations as well as her descriptive text makes a subject, that could be overwhelming, much easier to understand. There is a great deal of theory but it is related to the use of color in our needlework. Thread, fibers and fabric are not flat and the play of light on the differing surfaces can be a mystery to most of us. Mary explain the subject in such a way that the reader finds it demystified.

Have you ever wanted to change the colors in a kit or pattern but were not sure how? You knew you liked one certain color and wanted to use it and build the rest of he project around that color. The problem arose when you couldn't see how to add in the different colors. The solution is here. Mary walks us through the whole color question allowing us to build confidence as we change and adjust colors until we find ourselves designing new projects for the needle.

There are charts ant diagrams that will keep us coming back to this book over and over and each time we revisit there is a new lesson to learn. The construction of the book with its plastic spiral binding allows it to lie flat for easy reading and at the back of the book there is even a chapter on tolls and how to make them yourself. This would indeed be a very useful addition to your stitching library.


Available from your local needlework shop or order from:
The Golden Unicorn, Corning, New York, (607) 937-5845
Stitchery Row, Endicott, New York (607) 748-8003
Ellen Nell, Inc., Winston-Salem, NC (800) 499- 1224
Ruth Kern Books, Phoenix, AZ (602) 943-0738

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