Mini Crazy Quilt Slide Pendant

Pat Winter 2004

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Examples of finished pendants


  2 clear 3x1 glass microscope slides
bits of fabrics and laces
embroidery threads
petite or micro beads and needle
5 muslin scrap for base
3x1 piece of decorative paper
Tweezers or clamps
vice if you have one
Soldering iron
Flux (liquid to adhere solder to metal)
Small paint brush
Solder 63/37 plus, thin ultimate
Copper foil tape or wider
Jump ring or wire for hook
  1. Gather supplies

2. Assemble and embellish mini cq

  Trace the glass slide onto the muslin base. Piece the crazy quilt using your favorite method. I prefer the flip and sew for such a small project. Embellish using small stitches, and only petite beads. If using a charm, make it a flat one. You do not want bulk between the slides to prevent breakage.
3. Trim mini cq and decorative paper to size 1'x3   Trim mini cq to measure 3x 1 . Place finished cq right side down onto glass slide. Place decorative paper right side up onto cq and then the other slide on top of that. This is your cq sandwich.
4.Wrap with copper foil tape and brush on flux   Holding sandwich tightly and starting at top of slides apply the copper foil tape where it overlaps slightly on one side pressing with fingernail as you go. Turn corners as you would working with fabrics. Repeat overlapping the other side.
5. Solder one side at a time, using vice to hold it to prevent burns.   It should all hold together at this point. starting at top again, brush flux covering top area of copper tape. Clamp Sandwich and begin soldering by holding the solder next to the iron and as it melts, move it along top where you have applied the flux.  I recommend using a vice to hold my sandwich allowing both hands to be free. Repeat this all around edges and then to front and bottom slides where the copper foil is.
6. Flux jump ring and melt solder to connect   To add jump ring or wire hook, apply flux to jump ring and area it will be placed. Heat jump ring while holding it with tweezers and melt a drop of solder onto area where you want the ring. It should adhere and stay there.
    Clean both sides of slides with glass cleaner until there is no residue of flux. You may color your solder gold by using an 18K gold paint pen if desired.

7. Add chain or cord and clean with window cleaner

Add a chain or cord and you have a unique beautiful pendant. Enjoy!

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