Color Wheel Quilt

Jenny Clark 2004

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Orange on the color wheel This block in the Color Wheel Quilt, Consists of hand-dyed lace, Swarvoski crystal beads in ruched ribbon around the cross stitched orange and a Baltimore Oriole sitting on a dogwood limb (these silk ribbon patterns come from Deanna Hall West's book An Encyclopedia of Ribbon Embroidery: Birds, Butterflies and Blossoms). The block also incorporates "ruffled' ribbon from Ribbonsmyth. Small gold fish buttons float on a sea of orange stem stitch of silk floss.

Violet This block represents the violet color on the color wheel quilt. For each block on the quilt, I am only using the actual color of the block, the two analogous colors (the ones on either side) and the complimentary color (the one on the opposite side).

This process makes developing the quilt more challenging but a great teaching tool for color theory.

Red VioletIn the red-violet block the analogous colors of red and violet are combined with the red-violet and touches of yellow-green (complimentary) are added for punch. The embroidery techniques include thread painting in the flower adapted from Trish Burr's book Redoute's Finest Flowers in Embroidery. Hand-dyed embellished lace, counted cross stitch, ruching, embroidery and beading are also used to embellish the block.

YellowThis block of yellow incorporates gimp braid around the cross stitched lemon and is embellished with Swarvoski green crystals. The block contains yellow, yellow-green, yellow-orange and violet. Green is treated as a neutral on all blocks although that was not part of the original plan.

The quilt will continue with one block for each of the twelve separate colors centered around an actual color wheel embellished block. The quilt is currently about three quarters complete.

Editors note: We hope to continue showing the blocks as they are finished.

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