"Color it Crazy" Contest

Jean Bowman 2004

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First Place Winner:

MARTHA GREEN winner of:
COLOR FOR EMBROIDERY BY Mary Shipp. Available from your local needlework shop or order from: The Golden Unicorn, Corning, New York, (607) 937-5845

Second Place Winner:

ALLIE ALLER winner of:
The CD Dyeing lace, tassel and other embellishments with Catherine Ross of Ozecraft dyes, 3 bottles of Ozecraft dyes and some surprise goodies, a $30 package all donated by Lisa Risler of http://www.lisasheaven.com

Third Place Winner:

EDIE BARBOUR winner of:
3 in 1 Color Tool by Joen Wolfrom, a $16.50 prize donated by Nora Creeach

First place entry by Martha Green
9 1/2 inches by 10 inches

This block is one of 12 blocks designed for a small quilt as part of a series of small quits with an oriental theme. It consists of random piecing using multicolored thread, with embroidery and beadwork.

1st place winner by Martha GreenFirst Place Winner Martha Green

Martha has written the article "Talking Color" in this issue and her Bio is linked to her name above.

Second place entry by Allie Aller
8 in. by 8 in. block

Inspiration comes from the beauty of the materials the artist had the joy to work with. These include handwoven Indian silk, hand-dyed cotton, French jacquard ribbon, variegated silk floss and twist plus additional threads, and lots of beads. The work of fellow CQ artists is very inspirational to her as well. For this block, the colors are used in pairs of opposites, while still using analogous colors as well. The stitching is made up of basic CQ stitches so the colors to do the work in this block.

By Allie Aller

Allie Aller was a design major at Cornell University, class of '77. She began quilting in earnest in 1976 and has gone through traditional quilting, stained glass quilting, and landscape quilting (her work is included in Becker's book, Luscious Landscapes). But, then the Embellishments show opened in Portland four years ago. Encountering a huge convention center filled with trillions of beads changed her quilting life for good. She has been CQing ever since. Allie won first place at the AQS Crazy Quilt competition last summer, with a piece called "Summer Lake Day" ! In her next project is going to be an attempt to combine CQ with landscape.

Allie happily lives at home with an airline pilot husband and two genius teenaged sons.

Third place entry by Edie Barbour
12 inches square block

This block is made with commercially dyed cotton fabrics. Using her favorite embroidery stitches, the artist stitched mostly with Caron threads, and some silk ribbon. Seed beads highlight the stitches, with a few embellishments, notably the Susan Clarke butterfly button. Also added were silk ribbon butterflies and dragonflies.

3rd Place by Edie Barbour Close up

Edie Barbour has been sewing and embroidering since she was in elementary school when her mother, an expert seamstress, gave her scraps to make doll clothes.

Edie says she detested the sewing machine, and did all her sewing by hand. In the late 60's (high school), she began embroidering her clothes in the hippie style of the day. Over the years she embroidered almost any kind of fabric she could get a needle and thread through.

Edie's formal training consists of a print making class at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks, some quilting workshops (none on crazy quilting though), and a Cooperative Extension "Master Sewer" course.

Beginning crazy quilting in the early 90's, she enjoys the rhythmic flow of hand sewing and finds it very relaxing. She recently began teaching CQ, which she also enjoys. More of Edie's work can be seen at: http://www.acsalaska.net/~edie53/crazyquilts/index.html

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