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Nora 2004

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We will be making some changes in the magazine based on our reader response.

The first change, we will be canceling the contest each issue. What will replace these contests is a yearly contest, divided into 2 categories Newbie's (1 year or less) and established stitcher (over 1 year).

So you can get a head start now piece and embellish a 6" square, "no theme" so pick your own. Must be unpublished. More information, including prizes 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize in each category, in the next issue of

Our second change will be the introduction of a Readers Showcase. This section of the magazine will showcase your work. Submit a picture of your work, block, special seam treatment, finished project. Include a short word or two about the piece, anything you think will be of interest and your name.

We will have a drawing from all submissions and award a prize to the winner of the draw. Winner will be named in the same issue on the showcase page along with the prize.

We want to welcome our newest staff members: Dean Deerfield, Rissa Peace Root, and Pat Winter. They have proven to be great assets to the magazine already and we look forward to even greater displays of their talents.

Our next issue will be themed Silk Ribbon Embroidery. If you have any ideas you would like to see in this issue tell it to the editor and we will try to oblige. Have an article you want to publish? Send it to us.

Our staff and authors would love to hear what you think of the articles they wrote. Send your comments to the editor and I will see they are passed onto them. This magazine is for you so let us know what you want to see.

Until next time,


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