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We are currently seeking photos of your CQ projects, especially those offered here, to be included in our Readers' Showcase, which will be offered with each issue starting in April 2004.

Prizes will be awarded to three lucky individuals.  All entrants are eligible to win. 

Please include your name, photo of your project, and a brief description.  Check out How to Submit A Photo to CQMagOnline for details. 


All About Color!

Talking Color: Tips from the “Carny Roadside Attraction School of Crazy Quilting”  by Martha Green
Martha shares her creative approach to color in Crazy Quilting, including her theory on black holes and firm belief that there is no such thing as an ugly block.

How Color Affects Us by Nora Creeach
See what  your favorite color says about you!

Playing With Color by Pat Winter
Pat discusses her personal ideas about color, including allowing  embellishment to tell the story by "popping" on a neutral palate. 

Color Wheel Quilt by Jenny Clark
Join Jenny of Luna C Designs in her adventure to create a crazy quilt using the color wheel as her inspiration.

Color Wheel Needlebook by Nancy Combs & Kimber Pekora
Take a look at two very different and dynamic treatments made from Jenny's Color Wheel Needlebook kit. 

Visit to Gwen Frazier's Coloring Class by Nora Creeach
Finally, a good reason for you to go out and buy a fresh new box of Crayola Crayons! 

"Color it Crazy" Contest Winners by Jean Bowman
Check out the winners from the contest in our last issue. 

BOI for January 2004 Issue by Stephanie Novatski
Take a look at Stephanie's treatment and finished items made from of this issue's fan block pattern.

Dye Your Own

OzeCraft Dyes and How to Use Them by Lisa Risler
An article on using OzeCraft Dyes, with suggestions for use and photos of dyed items,  by the US Distributor.

Potassium Permanganate Revisited by Stephanie Novatski
Stephanie takes us along on her journey to discovering and perfecting the use of this deadly but desirable dye. 

St. Valentine's Projects:

Putting Your Heart Into Your Valentine by Pat Winter
Making lasting Valentine memories. 

BDE Heart by Rissa Peace Root
A color coded diagram for a Brazilian Embroidered Heart. 

Valentine Heart Project by Stephanie Novatski
A chart for embroidering your own heart design.

General CQ Articles:

Name Tags, Not What They Once Were! by Kimber Pekora
Hello, my name is: Beautifully Creative.  Photos of ten different name tags are included in this article.

Machine Stitching in CQ by Stephanie Novatski
Machine embellishing isn't what it used to be!  Stephanie's analysis of the use of machine embroidery in CQ is very thought provoking, especially for those who think all embellishment should be hand-work.

Japanese Memory Quilt by Barbara Smith
How a visit to a Japanese Flea Market has sent the author on a journey to complete two CQ wall hangings. 

Autograph Quilt Block Exchange by Rissa Peace Root
Ever wanted a friendship quilt without having to break a leg to get one?  Then this on-going swap is for you!

EuroExpo Exceeds Expectations by Willa Fuller
Willa recounts her trips to France and the Euro Expo in this delightful personal reminiscence. 

As U Like It RR Part 2 by Crazies Down Under
Peek in on the progress of this wonderful Round Robin. 

Savon de Marseille: Everything Old is New Again by Rissa Peace Root
Rissa reveals her secret for getting pencil marks off her work and cleaning delicate needle work.  

Books in Review -- by Nora Creeach
Color for Embroidery - Mary D. Shipp

Books in Review -- by Nora Creeach
Beaded Embellishment  - Amy C. Clark & Robin Atkins

Beaded Buttons  by Stephanie Novatski
Check out these great buttons Stephanie made using the information from the Books in Review title, Beaded Embellishment

Diagrams, Patterns & Instruction:

A Different Slant on Fans by Stephanie Novatski
Once again, Stephanie's let's us tag along as she creates beautiful fan blocks.  Reader's are encouraged to use the two free patterns to make their own blocks and send in photos to our editor. 

Tussie Mussies to Sachets  by Nancy Combs
Make your own Tussie Mussie using Nancy's pattern and ideas. 

Elegant Crazy Quilt Purse by Marilyn Green
Follow along as Marilyn, an artist and designer for Flights of Fancy Boutique, creates her purse from materials sent by friend.  This article includes instructions for making a polymer clay face embellishment as well as the tote. 

Transferring Images With A Heat Tool by Pat Winter
Ever wonder what people are talking about when they say they use a heat tool to transfer images?  Now, you can finally have the answer.

Mini Crazy Quilt Slide Pendant by  Pat Winter
These pendants are a fabulous way to display miniature crazy quilts as personal adornments.

Needlework Leaves Continued by Jean Bowman, Rita Goff & Pam Porter
Half-Boat Leaf, The Leaf Stitch Leaf, The Holly Grevillea Leaf, and Geranium Leaf are covered in this issue.

Angels in a Row Seam Treatment by Rissa Peace Root
A cute seam treatment made by combining simple basic stitches.

Notes from out Editor

Editor's News Patch  by Nora Creeach
Things are growing and changing in response to readers wishes and a reenergized staff. 

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