Victorian Make-Do Pincushion

Designed by Kimber Pekora and Karen Zoback Stitched by Kimber Pekora 2004

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1- 3" Brass Pillar Candle Holder (available at Wal Mart)
20" Tassel Trim
1- Mother of Pearl flower Button
1- Cloisonne Butterfly
1- Head Pin with rhinestone
12- Glass Seed Beads
Silk Floss
Silk Ribbon 4mm 7mm
Fabric Glue
Wool batting or Fiber Fil
8 Fancy fabrics, Example~Satin, Silk Dupioni, Moire, Brocades etc..
1- 7" round sturdy fabric for bottom of pincushion
1- 7" round muslin for foundation
Sewing thread
Silamide bead thread
Needles, Beading, Betweens, Chenille
Fabric Marking Pen
Sewing Machine (optional)


Place section one face up and *take another fancy fabric and place it face down on top of the #1 section aligning the edges along the #1 and the #2 sections. Stitch along the line between #1 and #2. Flip the #2 fabric back so it's right side is up and press it flat, you can trim any excess fabric from underneath as you go along.

Repeat from * for sections 3 through 8, placing your next fabric on top of the most recent pieced section and working around. Once you have all sections pieced, turn your last edge between section #8 and #1 under and applique stitch the seam.

Press and trim. With a fabric marking pen, mark a 1/4" in from the outer edge all the way around. Do not embellish past this line.

Time to embellish.


*Feather stitch all 8 seams.

*Use this guide for embellishing sections- 1, 3, 5 & 7
One large lazy daisy flower.
Make 12 lazy daisy stitches, 12 straight stitches and 1 seed bead in the center.
Add two small lazy daisy flowers.
Make 6 lazy daisy stitches and 1 seed bead in the center.

*Use this guide for embellishing sections- 2 & 6
2 loop stitch flowers.
Make 5 loop stitches with 7mm Silk ribbon, add a french knot to center.
Make 3 ribbon stitches to each flower for the leaves.

*Use this guide for embellishing sections- 4 & 8
2 Ribbon Stitch rose flowers.
Make 5 Ribbon Stitches with 7mm Silk ribbon for each flower.
Add stem stitch for the Stem of each flower with silk floss.
Make 2 Ribbon Stitches at flower with 7mm Silk ribbon for leaves on each flower.
Make 3 Ribbon Stitches on Stem with 4mm Silk ribbon for leaves on each flower.

* Add a MOP Flower button to the center.


Click above to enlarge pattern for printing.


Cut a 7" Circle with a sturdy fancy fabric. Place it and the embroidered circle right sides together. Pin in place. Stitch the 2 circles together 1/4" from the edges, leaving a 2" to 3" opening.

Turn the pincushion through the opening so right sides are out, be gentle so not to pull any embellishments. Gently press if needed. Fill Pincushion with desired fill. Whip stitch the opening closed now.

Pin your trim around the edges of your pincushion, covering the seams between the top and bottom. Glue the trim in place with fabric glue. You can remove and replace the pins as you go along and the pins will hold the trim in place until the glue is dry.

When dry, remove pins. Glue the Pincushion to the center of the brass pillar. Glue the cloisonne Butterfly to the top of the head pin. Allow to dry and insert it into the top of the pincushion.

I hope this pincushion brings you many years of delight!


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