The Magic of Crazy Quilting

A Comparison of the First & Second Edition

Rita Goff © 2004

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Cover of first edition

J. Marsha Michler's The Magic of Crazy Quilting, First Edition is truly a complete guide for making a Crazy Quilt. She begins with a brief history of Crazy Quilting and proceeds to a required list of tools needed, addresses, workspace requirements, explanation of the types of fabrics and then goes into choosing colors. Four methods of patching (assembling) your project are explained and illustrated. Eighty five embroidery stitches are illustrated and you are given twenty full pages of drawings and line art variations of these stitches. You will learn many embellishing techniques, including using ribbons, trims and flowers. Wool embroidery, punch needle embroidery, appliqué and monogramming are addressed. Transferring patterns, painting and dyeing are also included. Finishing touches includes borders, backings and batting.

Part 11 of this book contains a Gallery of Crazy Quilts. Here you will find some twenty different types of crazy quilts. Among these are the Fund Raising Quilt, Victorian Horse Quilt, The Piano Shawl, Horses and Roses Wool Quilt and A Shadowbox Piece. The meanings of flowers and also several retail sources for mail orders are listed as well.

Crazy Quilting Second Edition Now, if I could have had only one book to learn crazy quilting, it would have been this First Edition. but, if you haven't purchased it yet, be sure to get the "SECOND EDITION". This issue is a much easier read. The pictures are bigger and better. The colored illustrations are more clearly defined. It is eighteen pages longer. Fifteen embellishing techniques are given. Patterns and instructions are given for six small projects. These are a needle book, necklace, purse, scissors holder, vest and a pillow. The book ends with an expanded Gallery of Antique Crazy Quilts. The photos here are unbelievably beautiful


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