Embellishing a Silk Print

Pat Winter © 2004

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 I would like to share with you, one of my favorite ways to add a personal touch to your crazy quilting. It is embellishing images. This may be in the form of a vintage cigarette silk (sometimes called a “ciggy”), a purchased silk print, a family photo, or a self printed or transferred image. I choose to make my own because it makes it more personal and unique. I can always get exactly what I need to fit into my project.

Being a crazy quilter, as most of us know, we cannot leave anything left untouched. That being said, the printed images are perfect for adding lace, embroidery and beading to.

A print of a lady is always in need of some pearls, or diamonds. You can accomplish this by stringing a few pearl or clear seed beads around her neck or wrist. Don’t forget her ears or fingers! A single pearl bead added to each ear makes a lovely delicate earring. If you are partial to silver or gold jewelry, just choose a metallic seed or bugle bead. (Refer to print A)

If she has a hat, or nice hair, I like to add a few flowers. Roses are my favorite addition with some gypsophilia (baby’s breath) tucked in. You can enhance your print with the use of a spider or Fargo rose cluster using silk ribbon, and a simple feather stitch with pearl or white seed beads sewn on the tips for gypsophilia.

For the Vintage baby carriage print (print B) I simply added a scrap of doll lace for the hood, SRE Fargo roses that I hand dyed in old rose shades, a swag of petite seed beads, and a brass teddy bear charm. This embellished print would make a wonderful card for a new baby, or the center of a quilt block made into a pillow for a nursery.

The blue vintage little lady image (print C) was embellished with SRE Fargo roses, vintage doll lace, and silk ribbon bows. Very simple additions give the prints a life of their own. More appealing to the eye, don’t you think?


Don’t forget to use your beads to embellish your prints. In the print of the purple flower girl (print D) , I filled her basket with three shades of petite beads, added organza 4mm ribbon to her hat band and a few tiny 2mm SRE Fargo roses. Using 2mm lavender silk ribbon I straight stitched a band around her waist and weaved it through the hem of her dress. If you can’t think of where to embellish, just use the print as a pattern, and cover up what is there. Tacking down laces over printed lace makes such a feminine statement.

Using a transferred image of your loved one, you can add ribbon flowers, beads, and embroidery in their favorite colors for an heirloom gift they will never forget.


*Images shown are from Dover Publications

Silk ribbons from Cam Creations and Bucilla

Beads are Mill Hill

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