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Ruffle Edge Ribbon Camellia

This flower works well with over-dyed ruffled edge ribbon, but it can also be done with 4 mm silk ribbon.



Step1: Draw three concentric circles on your fabric a scant ribbon width apart. The finished size of the flower will be about 1 ribbon width WIDER than the outside circle. Please keep this in mind when placing the flower on your piece. For a smaller flower, use two concentric circles. The inner circle defines the center of your flower. I have used 4 mm ruffle edge ribbon and the center circle is approximately " in diameter.
Step 2: Starting at any point in the outer most circle, pull end of ribbon to back of fabric. Tack with matching thread. Make small running gathering stitches in one edge of the ribbon starting at the fabric for about 1".
Step 3: Insert the needle on the marked line about " away. Pull the thread through and tighten to gather ribbon. Come up from the back stabbing the ribbon a few threads away from the last gathering stitch.
Step 4: Continue making the running gathering stitches and Step 3 until the circle is closed.
Step 5: Make small gathering stitches for about " and put needle into second circle, continue with step 3. Repeat until second and if desired, third circles are filled with ribbon.
Step 6: When last ring is filled with ribbon, cut ribbon about from last stitch and thread into a large needle and pull to back. Tack ribbon firmly.
Step 7: Finish center of flower with beads. Shown are 3 mm pearls topped with a small yellow seed bead.


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