More Machine Embellishment in CQ

Stephanie Novatski 2004

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 This issue we have more blocks to share using machine embroidered motifs as part of the CQ block. These blocks were created by Kimber Pekora and show how beautifully machine embroidered motifs can be used with hand embellishing.

Can't wait to see the whole quilt done! Really stunning Kimber.

Next, though not a block, was made from fabric pieced in a variation of the Confetti method as described in J. Marsha Michler's book Crazy Quilts by Machine. Trims and ribbon were added to the seams as the fabric was stitched together. Four separate pieces of fabric were made for the bear. Once the bear was constructed, additional small motifs were sewed on.

If you have used your sewing or embroidery machine in you CQ work, please share pictures!

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