SRE Iris

Dean Deerfield 2004

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 The Iris can be made several different ways. I have done three styles for you.

First, this Iris is done with two stitches. The top is made with a lazy daisy stitch, coming into the fabric at the bottom of the petal. The second stitch is a straight stitch. It comes up on the left side, slide under the lazy daisy stitch and come down and go back through the fabric on the right side so that the two sides, or petals, or even.

The second Iris is made with four lazy daisy stitches, one on top and three on the bottom.

The third Iris is made with five ribbon stitches. The petals on this flower are made with the ribbon stitch, but I left a curl on the end and did not pull it through the fabric as much as I do for the ribbon stitch I use it for leaves and flat petals. I stop when the petal looks the way I want it to, and once again that is an individual call. Leave the stitch the way it pleases you. I use chenille thread to make the beards on the lower petals.

The pink Iris below are made with the ribbon stitch also. The difference is that the ribbon is pulled tighter. It looks a little different.


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