Nora Creeach 2004

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The bluebonnet is a member of the Lupin Family, the State Flower of Texas and a personal favorite of mine. I included this flower in my online Silk Ribbon Embroidery class and am so proud of one of my students, Rengin Yazitas from Istanbul, Turkey for her rendition of the bluebonnets as seen above.

Diagram for single stem of bluebonnets.

Some Additional Bluebonnets.

Bluebonnet on a mini pincushion. Fabric is a soft green velvet, the flower stems are dark green floss and the flower is 7mm variegated blue silk ribbon. I am sorry I can't recall the vendor. The leaves are a dark green 7mm silk ribbon.
This second project is made with 4mm deep blue ribbon and accented with white ribbon on an off white velvet fabric. Again I used a 7mm dark green for the leaves.
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