How To Piece a 6" x 6" Crazy Quilt Block

Kimber Pekora 2004

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Begin by Selecting a foundation fabric, I use Muslin but you can use any fabric that is thin and doesnt have a tight weave or high thread count. You want to be able to stitch through the layers when you are done.

With a Fabric Marking pen/pencil mark a 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" square. Your finished block will be 6" x 6" but we added a 1/4" seam allowance on all sides. You may also wish to leave an additional amount of foundation fabric to make it easier if you use a hoop as you embellish.

Choose a fabric you like to be the center fabric patch. Cut it into a 5 sided shape, and pin it to the center of your block. (see Step 1)

*Select a fabric patch and place it right side down over the center fabric patch and align the edge to 1 of the 5 edges of the center patch. Pin in place. Sew along this edge using a 1/4" seam allowance.** I have used a fabric marking pen to illustrate where to sew.

If needed trim this edge, then flip the top fabric back and press flat.

Repeat from * to ** for each of the 5 sides of the center piece.

When Finished press block flat and trim any excess seam allowance. Set your machine to a long straight stitch and sew along the 61/2" x 61/2" square you drew, this will help to keep your fabrics from fraying and will help show where to stop your embellishing.



Some Tips:

  • Choose a variety of prints and solid fabrics and alternate them when piecing your block this helps the block "flow" better.
  • Use thinner weight fabrics for ease in adding your embellishments.
  • Press as you piece. It really does make a difference in the end result.
  • I have used a machine embroidered motif (the lady in the hat) in the center block
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