Bobbin Lace Leaves

Barbara Engle 2004

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Museums and Historians recognize two "true" laces in the eyes of collectors. The first and oldest (now called needle lace) is made with a series of tiny buttonhole stitches using a needle with one thread. The other is bobbin lace. This lace, which is related to weaving, is made using many threads. Rather than stringing the threads on a loom, they are wound individually onto bobbins. All parts are then moveable. The Internet and your local library are both wonderful sources of more information.

As a child, I had seen paintings of lace makers in art galleries. After looking for several years for information on that lace on a pillow, an English neighbor of a friend, told me the name bobbin lace. Shortly after that, my husband found an article in a February issue of Creative Crafts Magazine (no longer published) that contained instructions for bobbin lace.

That was the beginning of a 30-year love affair. Although I now indulge myself with other interests, the intrigue and pull of bobbin lace have never lessened.

The leaves shown are from the designs of a contemporary lace maker, Eeva-Liisa Kortelahti

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