Fan Colorwheel Needlebook Back

Nancy Combs 2004

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 In the last issue I showed the front of the Fan Colorwheel Needlebook. I have added some embellishment to the front and the back is now complete.

As the back would be the part that was most likely to be "down" most of the time I decided to do less embellishing. I chose to do each blade in a similar design.

When folded, the yellow and lime-green blades make the seam line.

The interior of the needlebook is not shown because it is all black dupioni with white wool pages. There are also pockets for packages of needles

The dimensions of the needlebook when opened are seventeen inches wide by eight and one half inches high. I have enjoyed putting this together. The colors and fabrics are lush and I tried to follow the designer Jenny Clark's Color Wheel theory.


Fan Needlebook Kit from Luna C Designs
Ribbons are from: Cam Creations, Hand-Dyed Fibers and YLI
Beads were a gift.
Silk buttonhole twist from Cam Creations

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