Fan Box

Nancy Combs 2004

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Materials and Supplies:

  • Ribbons: Cams Creations 7mm #41 for leaves. 7mm Cabochon #26 and Colour Streams 7mm, Nasturtium, Antique Ivory and Uluru for the roses.
  • Threads: AU VER A SOIE #264 and SOIE PERLEE #148
  • Beads: Mill Hill #2003 coral beads
  • Needles:
    • No. 8 crewel needle for the embroidery work
    • No. 20 or 22 chenille for the silk ribbon work
    • No. 7 Milliner's needle for the bead work
  • Fabric of your choice. I used a variety of silk dupioni in a range of peach colors.
  • Washable or air erasable marking pen to mark placement of design (optional)
  • Embroidery hoop (optional)

Steps in Work:

  1. Using various pieces of fabric of your choosing and the flip and sew technique, construct your top in a crazy quilt manner. I used a fan design for the lid of my box.
  2. Once the pieces are sewn to the base fabric of muslin, begin the seam embellishment using stitches of your choice. First I marked off the area for the rose motif and leaves. Then I chose to do the seam treatment in a Woven Herring Bone stitch using the AU VER A SOIE and SOIE Perlee.
  3. After all seams were embellished, I added the Mill Hill Seed Beads to the seam treatment.
  4. Separately I made the rolled silk ribbon roses using 7 mm silk ribbon in a variety of yellow, cream, coral and peach colors. These were then attached to the fan base using machine sewing thread and the milliner's needle.
  5. After attaching the rolled silk ribbon roses, I made a variety of leaves using the Japanese ribbon stitch and an edged-dyed ribbon in a leaf green color.
  6. After piecing and embellishing the box top, I cut a piece of batting slightly smaller than the lid and glued it to the lid. Then I placed the embellished top over the batting, pulled the seam allowance to the back and glued it in place.
  7.  Press the seam allowance of the lid linning under and glue it on the back of the lid covering the rw edges of the embellished top.
  8. I then covered the box pieces with Dupoini fabric and glued them together.
  9.  To hide the seam where the frame of the box and the base met I glued a cream colored cording in place.


Fan Box Kit from Vintage Vogue

Ribbon from Cams Creations

Beads from Mill Hill

Dupoini Silk from LunaCDesigns

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