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OzeCraft Dyes from Australia

3 New colors!! New 8 ounce bottles!!!

Most of the colors are very strong so it's a very economical product. Full instructions, tips & hints are included with each purchase. It's great on tassels and by following the instructions you will find 'Antiquing' lace a breeze!

Show and Tell with OzeCraft Dyes!

CD By Catherine Ross
Includes: Two color dyeing, Shading, Introducing a third color, Intensifying colors, Flash dyeing, Dyeing embellishments, Dyeing a ribbon rose, Dyeing bread dough flowers, Dyeing silk ribbon, Dyeing tassel, Flash dyeing tassels and Antique lace. Very nice product for the Ozecraft Dyes!

Rajmahal Art Silks

Available in 60 beautiful colors!

Sashiko Threads

Now in stock, includes variegated, found with our sashiko supplies.

Fancy Scissors

Including the fish, rabbit, stork, Victorian and more, available at GREAT prices.  Make wonderful gifts for yourself or a stitching friend. Gold or silver finishes. Each comes with a handmade fabric gift bag by Lindsay!


Hemostats, turning tools, stuffing tools, needles from John James and Richard Hemming and Son, Fiber Etch, Easy Batik and more

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