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Suzanne Gerard
Lori Kindle
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We are currently seeking photos of your CQ projects, especially those offered here, to be included in our Readers' Showcase, which will be offered with each issue.

Prizes will be awarded to three lucky individuals.  All entrants are eligible to win. 

Please include your name, photo of your project, and a brief description.  Check out How to Submit A Photo to CQMagOnline for details. 


Beading Crazy

Beaded Flowers by Nancy Eha
Nancy Eha takes you Off the Beadin' Path with some of her beaded flower designs.

Beadwork on Sack Cloth Costume by Bjarne Drews
Bjarne shares some of the beadwork he did on this incredible reproduction dress. 

Helen's Harvest Lampwork by Helen Simon
Helen shares her adventures in Art Quilting that eventually lead to her making lampwork beads 

Embellish Your Work Using Fine Silver Beads, Buttons and Charms by Sherry Viktora
Sherry demonstrates how to use Precious Metal Clay to create unique silver accents for your CQ.

Bead Embroidery: Bead Embellishment for Clothing, Quilting and Decoration by Rissa Peace Root
Rissa takes you on a brief tour of materials and techniques used for  bead embroidery and beaded embroidery. 

Beading on Quilts by Stephanie Novatski
Stephanie discusses using beads as embellishment for quilting.

Beaded Button Fobs by Stephanie Novatski
Stephanie demonstrates how to create a lovely beaded fob for your favorite scissors.

Beaded Fabric Motifs by Stephanie Novatski
Stephanie highlights a series of different ways you might explore for creating beaded motifs that can be used in CQ.

Helpful Beading Tips  by Pat Winter
Pat shares some great tips for new and old beaders.

To Honor Pat: Pin/Pendant by Nancy Combs
Nancy shows you how to make a lovely pin/pendant, like the one she made to honor her friend Pat who is battling breast cancer.

Beaded Redwork Crinoline Lady by Nancy Combs
Nancy shows how she used beads to add interest and sparkle to a crinoline lady design. 

Beaded Cabochons by Gwen Frazier
Gwen demonstrates her technique for creating beaded edging for cabochons.

Embellishing a Block  by Nancy Combs
Nancy uses beads and fine threads to embellish two blocks with silk prints (pattern included). 

Beaded Beads & Berries by Rissa Peace Root
Rissa discusses how to transform a wooden bead into detached berries.

Beaded Frog Motif by Rissa Peace Root
Use delicas to create a cute little beaded frog. 

Beaded Flower Motif by Rissa Peace Root
Use seed beads (or delicas) to create a small flower motif.

Miser's Purse by Barbara Blankenship
Barbara shows us how to make this great little miser's purse with beaded trim and handle.

Books in Review:

One Bead at a Time by Nora Creeach
One Bead at a time is an inspirational journey into the creative possibilities of beading on cloth.

Verana by Rita Goff
Verana is an instructional book produced  by the Edmar company.

More CQ Ideas:

"Through Your Eyes Challenge: If You Can Imagine It, CQ It" by the Challenge Committee
Find out all the details regarding CQMagOnline's new annual contest.  

"Through Your Eyes Challenge: If You Can Imagine It, CQ It" Prize Page by the Challenge Committee
Don't miss the incredible prizes being offered to both Novice and Experienced Crazy Quilters in our contest!

The A Way to Women's Wellness Foundation by Victoria Adams Brown
Vickie Brown shares the inspiration behind the Art Bras and her charitable foundation.

My First Blue Ribbon by Penny Stern
Penny tells us how she got started in CQ and how it led her to a consuming passion and a blue ribbon!

Silk Threads by Jean Marie Bruccia
Jean Marie of Jenny June Fancy Work takes us on a whirlwind tour of silk threads, reminding the reader of all the wonderful ways high-end silks can be used. 

"Fabrics of Life" 2004 Historic Cold Spring Village Quilt Show by Kimber Pekora
Walk through this wonderful display of quilts and quilted items with Kimber. 

Wedding Dress Quilt  by Dean Deerfield
Dean shares photos of her current work in progress, a CQ made from a wedding dress.

A Learning Experience in Color: Developing a Color Wheel Quilt: Part 3 by Jenny Clark
Jenny undertakes the massive effort to create a color wheel quilt and documents her progress in this incredible journey.

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Projects & Techniques:

BOI for July 2004 by Alanna Heaton
See how Alanna approaches the piecing of our "Block of the Issue."

Seam Treatment for July by Rita Goff

Needlework Leaves Continued by Jean Bowman
Yet another installment in this wonderful and long-running column which focuses on making needlework leaves.

Adapting a Basic Embroidery Design to Varying Types of Needlework by Jean Bowman
Jean links together a series of interpretations of Dean Deerfield's design from the April 2004 issue. 

Crazy Embellishment for Crazy Quilters by Pamela Allen

More Machine Embellishment in CQ by Stephanie Novatski
Stephanie continues her series on using machine embellishment in CQ.

My Discovery of Angelina Fibers by Pat Winter
Pat shares her new discovery and experiences with Angelina Fibers.

CQ Bag by Lila Le Vine
Lila shows you how to turn scraps into a lovely CQ bag.

Crazy Lace Sachets by Lila Le Vine
Another scrap project that is sure to please!

My First and Most Favourite Bag! by Cherie Thompson
Cherie shares how she created her first CQ bag.

Faux Crazy Bag! by Cherie Thompson

Computer Collages: Crazy Quilting With a Twist by Carolyn Lee Vehslage

Slide Pendants Revisted by Rissa Peace Root
A new look at slide pendants made without solder.

Threadpainting  by Peggy Crawford
Peggy used the threadpainting technique to interpret Dean's Design.

Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Step by Step Instructions for Dean's Design by Peggy Crawford
Peggy walks you through her incredible BDE interpretation of Dean Deerfield's design motif from last issue.

Editor's Notes by Nora Creeach
A word or two from our esteemed editor about our biggest issue yet.

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